School improvement planning module

The improvement and planning module provides a means for students and teachers to work as a team to manage goals, provide progress updates, and support and promote students’ continuous improvement and outcomes.

It allows teachers and administrators to set up and track defined metrics to gauge success. The system ingests student and school data in multiple formats. It allows for the correlation of that data to help predict student outcomes and aids in developing, implementing and monitoring personalized student learning plans through its Learners Profile module. The system allows tracking individual students and rolls that data up to the classroom, school, and district-level views. The dashboard model allows for easy analysis and viewing of the defined metrics and provides drill-down capabilities to gain further insight.

  • School Improvement Planning Module for District, School, and Team Goals.
  • Progress update to support and promote an iterative, continuous improvement.
  • Wrap-up actions to reflect practices.
  • Goal and Objective planning templates.
  • Action plan development.
  • Progress dashboard.
  • Milestones.


Our reporting modules can build any number of reports to track progress, certification completion, and attendance. Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities allow us to use data to provide insights or even produce predictive analytics to identify at-risk students.

All modules can be displayed on a dashboard and allow for drill-down views for each data set. Data can also be combined in reports to show the correlation between
different data.

The reports module provides access to various reports to authorized users. Some of the examples of reports include:

  • Access to Performance Data by Type of Assessment, School, Grade, and
    Demographic Variables.
  • Trend analysis for Math & Reading.
  • Individual historical assessment data.
  • Strand level data for each assessment.
  • Competency level with attendance percentage.
  • And many more customized reports.


The roster module is configurable to show any data attribute based on the District’s requirements.

  • Roster level views of Standardized Assessments.
  • Aggregated GPA data.
  • Instantaneous Views of results by School, Grade, Course, Special Service, or Demographic Variables.


The roster module is configurable to show any data attribute based on the district’s requirements.

  • Survey Dashboard.
  • Survey Reports.
  • Perception Data Collection.
  • Feedback Data Collection.
  • Teachers’ Evaluation Data Collection.
  • Parent and Student Feedback.

Learners profile

LearnersEDGE 360° has several ways to collect this data, including the “All About Me” student app that allows students to input information about themselves – to include interests, goals, aspirations, likes and dislikes, how they learn, what environments they learn best in. It can also link out to learner profile assessments that can be integrated into their profiles.

The systems also have a survey module that can be used to collect student, parent, and teacher feedback on specific programs or questions that you want to input.

  • All About Me.
  • Interests, Hobbies, and Preferences.
  • Goals & Accomplishments.
  • My Learning.
  • Reflection.
  • Parent Input.

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