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Personalized learning has become one of the biggest buzzwords in the education world in recent years. The idea behind this is to tailor education to each individual so that they get the most out of it. The goal is a noble one and could change the lives of students all around the world for the better. But thus far, technology has not followed the ideal – a suitable software for personalizing education programs and following individual students’ achievements has not been available. This is why LearnersEDGE 360° is such a major breakthrough. Peridot Systems’ novel platform delivers where others could not, drawing on a multitude of sources in order to create personalized learning plans that all relevant parties can track.

What is LearnersEDGE 360°?

LearnersEDGE 360° is a revolutionary new software made to assist individuals and institutions on all levels of involvement with education – students, parents, teachers, schools, and even school districts. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it accessible to anyone, regardless of their age, level of education, or ability to use technology. The all-inclusive platform is highly customizable so that everyone who has a stake in education can adjust the software to fit their specific needs. This means that:

  • students can see their plans, classes, and curricula;
  • parents can follow goals set for their children;
  • teachers can keep track of the progress of each student in their class and their class as a whole;
  • school boards can observe trends in grades and learn in their schools;
  • school districts can identify strengths and issues in different schools, and more.
School children in a classroom.
Every child deserves to have their own personal learning experience.

LearnersEDGE 360° is the first software of its kind on the market – the first to include all relevant data and make it accessible to a wide variety of users that are allowed to utilize that data to achieve diverse goals. Thus far, education technology has mostly relied on student information systems which only take into account information like grades, SAT scores, and attendance. This has made personalized learning programs harder to create because they did not put any weight on the students’ and parents’ own preferences, strengths, and desires. But LearnersEDGE 360° changes all that.

How does it work?

LearnersEDGE 360° collects all the same data that regular student information systems do – grades, attendance, SAT scores, and similar “hard data”. But it also draws from sources that other systems do not. It includes state assessment reports, for example, and it allows teachers, parents, and even students themselves, to provide additional information. This creates a more in-depth and accurate snapshot of each individual student.

Girl writing in a notebook.
LearnersEDGE 360° helps you better understand each individual student and their needs.

The data is then displayed on the dashboard in the form of different modules the software generates. Each user can customize their own dashboard and choose what they want to focus on:

  • an individual student,
  • different demographic groups,
  • the performance of certain groups of students,
  • the progress of an individual student,
  • and more.

And that’s not all! While the software comes with a set of pre-prepared modules, it is entirely possible to create a new widget for anything a user may need. So even if you don’t find what you’re looking for immediately, LearnersEDGE 360° will adapt to you and add whatever module will best help you achieve your goals.

How is LearnersEDGE 360° revolutionizing modern education?

LearnersEDGE 360° is not the first EdTech software out there geared toward personalized learning. But it is the first one that truly delivers. So what is it that makes this platform so different from all others?

  1. To begin with, LearnersEDGE 360° works with a lot more information than other platforms. Since it allows actors to enter their own data, it is capable of gathering information about virtually any aspect of a student’s life from their interests to their grades. And the more information you have to work with, the better your results will be.
  2. Secondly, LearnersEDGE 360° is a platform intended for everyone involved in education in some way. It is not just for education policymakers or just for school boards. Instead, Peridot Systems wanted to make a program that everyone could benefit from. Educators, parents, and students themselves have access to the platform as well, which ensures that their perspectives are heard and that their needs are met.
  3. Thirdly, LearnersEDGE 360° is highly customizable and adaptable. This makes it a suitable platform for virtually anyone at any time. You no longer need to have different programs for school districts and students – LearnersEDGE 360° has everything you need. Its users decide what to do with it, adjusting it to their needs and goals.
  4. Finally, LearnersEDGE 360° is not trying to prescribe a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it is meant to adapt to the needs of each individual user and facilitate solutions specific to the situation at hand. This makes LearnersEDGE 360° a highly flexible program. In the process of using it to find the solution to a problem you’ve identified, you may discover other things to improve on. All it takes is inputting some more data and adjusting your widgets and you can use LearnersEDGE 360° for a completely different purpose!
Woman helping a boy do homework.
LearnersEDGE 360° is the first EdTech software to include parents and students among its users.

Who benefits from using LearnersEDGE 360°?

LearnersEDGE 360° focuses on three key focal points:

  • school improvement,
  • personalized learning, and
  • student enrichment & assessment.

By working on these three aspects of education, the platform benefits everyone involved with education. Students can use it to create and view personalized study plans while their parents and teacher track their progress. Teachers can create personalized curricula and plans for certain students or groups of students. Educators and school leaders can identify problem areas to focus on. There is almost no limit to what you can do with LearnersEDGE 360° because the software is a tool – how you use it is what makes it work.

Personalized learning is a great way to improve education today. But to achieve personalized learning, we need a personalized platform. And that’s exactly what LearnersEDGE 360° offers. Highly customizable and ever-evolving, it offers unique, tailor-made solutions to each stakeholder and their individual problem. This makes the future of personalized learning and education in general.



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