About LearnersEDGE 360°

We have a history of focusing on the unique challenges faced by each client, helping each one thrive and lead. Leveraging our client-centric culture, we are gratified to provide dedicated solutions that break down barriers for schools and districts, giving educators a set of tools to unlock student potential.

A gap in today’s education technology approach

We believe that every student deserves the best opportunities in life, beyond merely excelling at end-of-year exams. Today’s education technology focuses solely on a limited set of outcomes, falling short of what each student deserves.

LearnersEDGE 360° Differentiators

The promise of learning technology is its potential to take us beyond what we are currently able to do in education, how we teach, and how students learn. LearnersEDGE 360° goes beyond focusing on a few cognitive outcomes while leaving behind other critical issues. Helping our clients view each student as a whole enables them to ensure that all the necessary support elements are aligned for positive outcomes. The promise of LearnersEDGE 360° is its potential to broaden learning and honor teachers by empowering them and extending the ability of skilled teachers, as they lead the way, to teach in ways they have never been able to teach before.

The LearnersEDGE 360° platform allows for tracking students’ performance, academic and non-academic, including monitoring growth plans using SMART goal setting, grades, standardized test results, attendance, behavior, and elements of a student-authored learner profile.

The LearnersEDGE 360°can be accessed through the web or via mobile devices. Our team will tailor a mobile application to allow authorized users to access critical information to facilitate a smooth flow of 2-way communication between the students and their teachers.

This intuitive analytical dashboard and reporting tool was designed to meet the ever-changing multi-tiered support systems needed to reach learners and instructors where they are, and to optimize growth and achievement.

The metrics provide a drill-down capability for students, faculty, and administrators.
Some of the metrics include:

  • Demographic Details.
  • Attendance & Behavior.
  • Partnerships.
  • Standardized Assessment Data.
  • Grades and Accomplishments.
  • Culture for Learning & Innovation.
  • Customizable Widgets.
  • Trend Analysis.
  • State and Federal Assessment.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Course Work.
  • Progress Reporting.
  • Financial Reporting.
  • Extra-curricular Activities.

The platform is highly customizable to allow input, collection, and analysis of any data, whether through our API engine or manual input.

We frequently partner with districts to include their requirements, such as educational competencies, badges, and any technical skills or world language certifications that might be earned via online testing or through data entered by the instructor.

  • Push notifications to students, faculty, and admins.
  • Video and file uploading and sharing.
  • A student Reward System.
  • Digital Hall Passes.
  • Digital Binders (a learning tool).
  • District and school-specific events & calendars – uploading and sharing.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • Google Analytics and Reporting.
  • Integration with Schoology and Power School.
  • Online job-matching services for students and prospective employers.
  • Road Maps and School Maps.

The LearnersEDGE 360° platform can easily:

  • Interface with any current SIS system in use through custom APIs.
  • Customize modules needed to support Response to Intervention or
    Multi-Tiered Systems of Support or Scorecard metrics (KPIs).
  • Tailor reports and data collection forms.
  • Include smart algorithms (AI) to efficiently and quickly identify students at risk, on-track, or who may be considered high achievers.
  • Implement predictive analytics as a way to inform your improvement efforts.
  • Track and allow users to monitor growth plans via goal setting.
  • Provide customized badges on a “Learner Profile” to reflect a student’s
  • Allow students and parents access to all academic and non-academic data as determined by the district via a parent and student portal.
  • Capture Student Voice to author an “All About Me” portfolio of Interests, Goals, Accomplishments, Partnerships for Learning. This piece addresses the
    essential parts of the “Learning Process” pieces, such as approaches to
    learning tasks, mindset, and reflective practices that drive self-improvement and insight for instruction.

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